BHS Challenge Awards

Do you want a career with horses or just improve your knowledge?

If you're looking for a strong bond with a healthy, happy horse, the Challenge Awards are perfect for you. You can learn how to care for horses, develop hands-on, practical skills and get stuck in with the day-to-day tasks.

It doesn’t matter what previous experience you have with horses, or if you’re a complete beginner. All you need is enthusiasm and a love for horses! You do not even need to own your own horse.

You will receive expert guidance and support from BHS Approved Coaches and they will help you work towards and achieve your personal goals. You will be encouraged to enhance your knowledge at your own pace and advance on what's important to you.

But most importantly, you’ll have fun along the way! Remember, there are no time limits, or constraints to complete an award so you can work at a pace to suit you to achieve your goals.

The Challenge Awards include:

  • Introduction to Horse Care
  • Knowing your horse
  • Caring for your horse
  • Handling your horse
  • Lunging your horse
  • Introduction to riding
  • Riding Fit
  • Riding Flat
  • Riding Jump
  • Riding out safely
  • Horse Health
  • Horse knowledge part 1
  • Horse knowledge part 2
  • First pony guide
  • Mounted games

At this current time we do not have any group sessions for these award but please get in touch if you would like to complete them on a private basis.