BHS Progressive riding tests

Do you want a career with horses or just improve your knowledge.  We are offering BHS PROGRESSIVE RIDING TEST.

The Progressive Riding Tests (PRTs) are a popular option for riding centreslivery yards and British Riding Clubs.

All six tests are practical continual assessment qualifications which have equitation and stable management sections, both of which can be taken separately. Each syllabus has a number of elements that need to be signed off by the coach as the learner is ready to be assessed.

On successful completion of each test, the centre can issue the candidate with a certificate. Once all six tests have been completed, the candidate will be able to gain direct entry into BHS Stage 2 examination.

When a candidate successfully completes all six tests, centres need to forward details of the candidate, assessor, riding centre and the date the test was taken and if centre/Accredited Professional Coach is signed up to the Participation Project. We will then be able to supply the candidate with their official final certificate.

Do candidates have to be members of the BHS?

No, they do not have to be members of the BHS. 

Who can offer PRTs?

PRTs can be run in riding centres and livery yards and for affiliated British Riding Clubs with suitably a qualified BHS Accredited Professional Coach.

How are the courses run?

This is entirely up to the centre. Once centres have familiarised themselves with the syllabus, it is up to them to set the course duration, cost etc. Some centres prefer to set the course fee to include the cost of the certificates, others prefer to charge the candidates separately. 

Each centre offering PRTs is responsible for all administration. This includes the provision and payment of the Assessor, and the completion of certificates. The only exception is the issuing of the final certificate, which will be done from BHS HQ on receipt of the relevant paperwork. 

New Course
BHS Progressive Riding Test Course
Commencing 6th February 6th 6-8pm for 6 weeks.
Each session costs £30 or pay for the 6 weeks at £150 saving £30
syllabus can be collected from Reception 
Please call to book 01912571369
Subjects covered are Grooming, Tacking up, Rugging, Feeding, Points of the horse, Parts of the bridle and saddle.  Care of the horse in summer and winter.
Certificate are awarded for each Level in Stable management, Equitation or both.