Take Back The Reins

It’s never too late to rekindle your love of horses. 🐎 If you are looking at getting back into the saddle after some time away, Murton is here to help! Riding may feel daunting but with the right horse and instructor to give you confidence it's amazing how quickly you'll get going again.


We are running a session every Wednesday night at 6pm for all returning riders. The session is 1 hr long and costs £25. This is your chance to return to riding with like minded people in a relaxed and fun environment with our instructor Anna.


For more info or to book please call us on 01912571369 or 07483167157. We will be more than happy to help your return to riding journey, no matter how long it has been. (Anna she didn't ride for 14years.)


We cater for nervous riders too.  If you have always wanted to start riding or want to pick up where you left off then give us a call.  Adults have to be under 13 stones to ride.