We are now open for Private and Class lessons and from the 4th July we will be able to offer Lead rein and Loose lessons (provided a parent of carer of the child has completed training with us.)


Please watch this video before booking a group class lesson - 

Please watch this video before booking a private lesson -

1. Before you call to book a lesson for yourself or your child, under the restrictions currently in place, you MUST watch the videos attached here of baseline expectations of ability. We CANNOT provide leg ups or lift anyone onto a horse. The level of assistance allowed is shown on the videos. If unsure you can ask when you call.

2. When you call to book, payments will be taken at the time of booking by bank card. Those people with existing credit will be able to use it.

3. On the day before your lesson (or obviously the lesson day), if you are feeling at all unwell for whatever reason, you MUST call and cancel your lesson. Credit will be given for illness. Please DO NOT attend if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 as defined by national guidelines. We reserve the right to ask customers to leave the yard should they be obviously unwell when they arrive.

4. On the day of your lesson arrive on the yard no more than ten minutes before your lesson. Go to the allocated car parking spaces and stay in your car until a staff member comes over. Only one parent or spectator permitted. Lessons are scheduled with a fifteen minute gap between to ensure minimal numbers of people on yard at any one time.

5. Please follow instructions from the staff member to sanitise hands and then wear gloves for riding. Gloves MUST be worn. Parent or spectator must also adhere to the same sanitising.

6. Stand outside the arena away from the gate and await instructions from staff member.

7. Parent or spectator must either stay in car or stand away from gate and rail
to watch for the duration of the lesson and must not move away or walk around the yard.

8. Once the lesson has ended, follow instructions from staff to sanitise hands, return to car and leave the yard immediately.

9. There is no permitted entry to the stables, classroom, office, tack room, shop and barn. Everything will be dealt with over the phone and on the yard during your visit. Please take heed of areas marked no entry and cordoned off by tape.

9. If any of the above stipulations are not possible or agreeable to you then please do not make a booking at this time. We must strictly enforce these steps so appreciate your assistance with this.

10. Lastly, we look forward to welcoming you back to Murton as soon as possible to see our wonderful horses and ponies!