Supporting young people to achieve their potential


Young people with difficulties or disabilities regularly present themselves at Murton Equestrian Centre. Many are experiencing high levels of anxiety; some are disengaged from school and are often trapped in a downward spiral of behaviour which alienates them from the possibility of achievement.

In line with growing national recognition and understanding of Equine Facilitated Intervention, MEC can offer appropriate provision to support young people aged between 10 - 16 years old, who are experiencing crisis situations.

Working alongside the local authority and commissioners, Murton EC strives to support young people who are facing extraordinary challenges in their lives. We can offer suitable solutions for young people who are, for various reasons, unable to cope in a traditional educational setting. Through the provision of individualised programmes, we are able to provide young people with an opportunity to achieve planned outcomes, such as those set in an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP).

Interaction with, on and around, horses in a structured environment develops an acquisition of life and social skills in an experiential setting. Young people are able to develop an ability to control and channel their own behaviour and become more confident in communicating their thoughts and feelings, this enables them to more easily recognise the purpose of learning.

Our provision may be of particular interest to those working in CAMHS and SEND departments. If you wish to discuss ways in which Murton EC can help to meet the needs of disengaged or troubled young people in the North East, please contact us on 01912571369 or

Murton Equestrian Centre is accredited by the British Horse Society and has instructors trained in the delivery of the Changing Lives through Horses programme. Horses are a powerful way of inspiring young people to reconnect with society.

When working with horses we discover natural talents and strengths we didn’t know we had.

Changing Lives through Horses is a BHS structured programme designed to improve the lives of disengaged people, using horses as the inspiration for change.

Private Introduction sessions as available by appointment and cost £66 per hour (please register particpants rider via

Small group sessions are available to those who have had a introduction session and are £80 for 2 hours, This is payable in advance per half term, Changing Lives Horses is a long term program.

Usually, funding is from the referral school or local authority, however, we can accept funding ftom charities or private individuals. There is some funding available from the BHS for participants who have tried to get funding elsewhere but have been unsuccessful.